Destination Wedding Guide

Having A Destination Wedding:

Is It Right For You?

Having a destination wedding is a big decision, but we are here to help you make the right decision for you! Our clients Jessica and Aaron had a beautiful destination wedding in Antigua last year, and we know it was the right decision for them. Check out their teaser video to get an idea of what their wedding weekend looked like!


Choosing to have a destination wedding is a big decision, but here are a few questions to help you get started:

1. Is there a particular place that I love to visit or have dreamed of visiting? Maybe it's a family vacation spot, or a favorite vacation you went on. Maybe you love the sun and the beach (like Jessica!) and can't imagine getting married somewhere without it. If you have a place that you love, it's worth considering it for your wedding location.

2. How many people do I really want at my wedding? If you want a huge bash and all 300 relatives and friends at your wedding, then a destination wedding may not be for you. If you cherish the thought of a more intimate setting with 50 of your favorite people, then a destination wedding may be a good fit. When having a destination wedding, there will be some people that won't be able to make it, so take that into consideration when you plan one.

3. Am I excited about planning every last detail, or would I rather let someone else do it? If you choose to get married at a resort that specializes in destination weddings, the planning can be super simple and frequently, all-inclusive! Resorts and hotels that host a lot of destination weddings tend to try to make planning from afar as easy as possible by including a lot of the details in the package. You and your partner just need to show up and enjoy the wedding. If you get married in the US, you may have more control over the decorations, details, catering, and cake because you can choose different vendors and communicate with them easily.

4. Do I want to host my friends and family for multiple days? Destination weddings generally involve seeing your friends and family for multiple days, where as local weddings can be a one day event (if you want it to!). If the idea of a fun-filled wedding weekend is up your alley, then a destination wedding may be a good fit! When hosting a destination wedding, it's often a good idea to plan a few events throughout the weekend, including a welcome party, rehearsal dinner, after party, or morning brunch! Guests may have traveled a great distance to celebrate with you, so it's a good idea to give them some things to do. If running into your friends on the beach the day after your wedding isn't your dream come true, you may want to consider if a destination wedding is a good idea.

These are just a few questions to get you started about thinking about destination weddings. There are lot of other factors to take into consideration as well, but for now, why don't you get some destination wedding inspiration from Jessica and Aaron's wedding highlight reel?