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About Us

photo credit: Jensen Photography

The Merryweather Films Team


While you'll only see our shooters at your event, Merryweather Films would not be what it is today without our entire team.  We pride ourselves on our commitment to staffing events with a small group of trusted, experienced shooters, and handling every aspect of post production in-house at our studio.

We are a team of passionate filmmakers who truly enjoy the rush and responsibility of capturing one of the most important days for your family. When they're not working for Merryweather, these professional shooters work on films, commercials, documentaries, corporate videos, and more. Frequently they also work for Arsenal Mediaworks, sister company and best friend to Merryweather Films.



Colin wanted to create a studio that blended creativity with professionalism, and operated with a high level of respect and discretion on a couple's big day. He is proud that his original vision for the company is still something our shooters are guided by and known for today.

While you may not see him on your actual wedding day (we have a great team for that!), you can rest assured that he is always managing things from afar. He watches every highlight reel for quality control to ensure that every film reflects Merryweather Films standards. He is passionate about creating videos that provide lasting memories for future generations.


Studio Manager + Editor

Megan will be your guide from your first phone call to receiving your final videos. She’s really organized (so don’t worry, she’s got everything under control, even when you feel like you don’t!) and loves learning about people and their special day. She’s always happy to share her input on videography decisions, although you can feel free to ask her thoughts on any aspect of wedding planning if you want!

She’ll make sure the team knows everything they need to capture beautiful footage on your big day. And after the event, she’ll be the one editing your videos to create unique and memorable films customized to you and your event. She loves knowing that she is creating more than just a video, but a keepsake that will be treasured for years to come.