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Our Mitzvah Packages

Several Coverage Options, One Approach

At Merryweather Films, we strive to create videos that reflect the amazing families we work for. We consider ourselves a boutique brand that prioritizes quality over quantity. We don’t invest in advertising, and we’re extremely proud that the vast majority of our mitzvahs are referrals from friends and family members.

When filming mitzvahs, we believe in using a natural, candid approach. We don’t set up artificial shots, but strive to capture the natural reactions and emotions of the day.

After the event, we craft each video carefully, so that it reflects the tone and spirit of individual personality and sensibility. We take care to ensure that your video is unique, fun and special.

Mitzvah Package Options

We are pleased to offer a variety of packages with a range of coverage options.


Our most affordable option, our Simple package is a perfect option for families who don’t want or need live audio incorporated in their Highlight Reel.

All Simple packages include:

  • 4 hours of coverage

  • One-person crew

  • One camera

  • 3 min cinematic, music-video style Highlight Reel

  • Delivered via link to view and download your video within 1 month



Our best value, the Standard package includes live audio of your service and/or certain formalities, and multi-camera coverage at key moments.

All Standard packages include:

  • 5 hours of coverage

  • Two-person crew

  • Two cameras

  • Full audio kit

  • 5 min Highlight Reel combining cinematic music with sound bites from your party formalities (candle-lighting, ha motzi, presentations and speeches)

  • Delivered via link and USB drive within 3 months



Our full-service and most complete coverage option, which includes full length videos of the formalities of the day in their entirety.

All Premiere packages include:

  • 5 hours of coverage

  • Three-person crew

  • Three cameras

  • Full audio kit

  • Additional grip equipment (portable dolly, steady-cam, etc)

  • 8 min Highlight Reel including live audio set to cinematic music

  • Full length, multi-camera videos of presentations, ha motzi, candle-lighting, and speeches

  • Delivered via link and a USB Drive within 6 months


Available options

Add additional coverage options or production value to your video.


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