Frequently asked questions


Q: What types of events do you shoot?

A:  The majority of our shoots are weddings and Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, but we film events and parties of all shapes and sizes. Our sister company, arsenal mediaworks, produces marketing and brand videos for organizations like Penn Medicine, University of Delaware and Movado, in addition to producing documentary films.


Q: How do you dress on a shoot?

A: Sharp! Merryweather Films is home to some snappy dressers. If we weren't holding cameras you might mistake us for guests or the secret service. 


Q: Where do you shoot? How far do you travel?

A: The majority of our shoots take place within the Greater Philadelphia area, but we are always open to travel and happy to discuss both local and destination weddings. Any additional travel costs will be assessed on a case by case basis.


Q: Can I choose the music you use in my video?

A: Absolutely! Some of our couples hand pick each song in their wedding video while others just give us a general sense of what types of music they like and turn us loose. We are happy to operate either way. 

Our number one priority is to make a video that you will love, so whether you love classical string concertos or third-wave-post-emo indie rock we are happy to oblige. All of the music in Merryweather Films videos is legally licensed through sites like Song Freedom, Musicbed and Music Vine, so when the time comes to select songs for your videos, we can send you some links to licensable music libraries that you can browse. 


Q: What do you mean by "Custom URL"? Who will be able to see my videos?

A: In addition to providing all your videos on a Merryweather Films USB drive, we upload your videos to a page on our website created just for you. These pages are designed to make it easy for you to share all of the videos with friends and family from one convenient link. The site address will look something like ""

While these pages are not listed anywhere on our site, if a friend searched the internet for your name, your spouse’s name, and Merryweather Films, they would probably find it in the results. For extra privacy, we can happily password protect your entire page upon request.


Q: Do you provide Blu Ray copies?

A: Yes! But we do charge a fee to account for the transcoding of files to a disc-friendly format, custom menu creation, disc burning, and jacket/disc printing. BluRay authoring services are available for $150, which includes 3 discs, plus $25 for each additional copy.


Q: Can I split up my hours over the course of a day?

A: All packages are based on continuous hours of coverage starting when we arrive. If there are multiple locations, travel time between venues is included as part of those hours. We take advantage of any “down time” in the schedule to capture our most artistic shots, like beautiful establishing shots of your venue or a cinematic reveal of the aisle at your ceremony. 


Q: Can I meet with you to talk more about my wedding?

A: We'd be happy to meet with you to discuss the details of your wedding and answer any further questions that you may have. We can meet with you in person in South Philly at our office in the Bok Building, via online video chat or on the phone - whichever you prefer!

Q: Do we need to provide meals for the shooter(s)?

A: Yes, we do ask that you provide a meal for the crew, and whenever possible, we ask that these meals coincide with the dining time of your guests. Our standard practice is to allow you and your guests to dine without being filmed, and allowing our shooters to eat at the same time maximizes our ability to provide coverage after dinner when the party picks back up!


Q: Should I tip the crew?

A: During the week we may shoot corporate events, brand videos, and emotional interviews, but surprisingly, nothing we do is as demanding as shooting a wedding or Mitzvah. So yes, tips are always appreciated! Bonus points are awarded for making cash tips easily divisible by 3 when tipping a 3 person crew. :)


A: We would be happy to! Over the years we’ve had the pleasure of working with some incredible wedding and event vendors, and we would love to help connect you with some of them. Just let us know what you need! 

Q: Can you recommend other vendors to me?


Of course! Merryweather Films is an LGBTQ friendly wedding video company!

Q: Do you shoot gay and lesbian wedding videos?


Q: How do I know if he/she/they are the right one?

A: Unfortunately, as a video company we try to refrain from giving relationship advice. We can, however, guarantee that you receive a beautiful document of your special day. Our videos have been statistically proven to increase feelings of affection between partners by an average of 250% [citation missing]