To Drone or Not to Drone

Some examples of drone footage from weddings we filmed!

Should I Have Drone Video Coverage At My Wedding?

First things first- what is a drone?

In terms of videography, drones are unmanned aerial vehicles (think: tiny helicopter) carrying a camera. The operator directs the drone from the ground.

There are a lot of amazing things you can capture with drone videography.

They can get angles that us mere mortals could only dream of, and capture the epic-ness of a location and event in a way that nothing else can. Drone footage gives your wedding video an extra special look and helps it stand out from the crowd!

But they can also be pretty loud, aren’t allowed to fly at all venues, and cost extra.

So how do you know if having a drone is right for your wedding? Here are some helpful tips to help you decide!


Check out how we used drone footage in Kait and Kevin’s sneak peak video!


Location, location, location

Did you know there are laws that govern where a drone can be flown?

There are strict regulations about where drones are allowed to fly in the city, near airports, near government and historic sites, national and state parks, and many other areas. If you are getting married near an airport, hospital, or in some places in center city, we may not be allowed to fly the drone at your venue. We can find out if drones are allowed in the general area, and if so, you can contact your venue and find out if they allow drones on their property- some do, and some don't!

Think about your venue from a bird's eye view. A farm, golf course, or private estate might look gorgeous with views of the buildings and countryside surrounding it. A beautiful old building in the city can look really nice too, but you may want to consider if there is a large parking lot in front of it, or if the roof might look old and worn. Those are the things the drone will see!

Safety First

Safety is always the number one priority. Drones are pretty hardy, but still don't fly well in high winds, rain, or snow.

Having a licensed drone pilot is important to make sure they are professional, experienced, and know how to keep everyone safe!


Venues on the outskirts of the city often have the best skylines!


Other Factors

Drones do a great job capturing the spirit of an event and space outdoors, but don't really work well inside unless you have some really, really high ceilings and a lot of open space. And even then, we really only recommend using a drone outside.

Don't forget about the noise level. Drones are loud! When they fly overhead, you can definitely hear them. They are great for capturing spaces before guests arrive, events that are already noisy (like cocktail hour or fireworks!), and times when being quiet isn't a concern (like taking formal photos outside). They work great when you are capturing the essence of a space, but generally shouldn't be used to get close-up shots or ceremony footage.

Many drones have really wide angle lenses, so if you are excited about getting drone footage of the house where you are getting ready, make sure to take a good look around your entire yard to make sure there aren't any visible trash cans, and maybe even take a look at your roof, as it will probably be in a drone shot!

To Drone!

All that being said, we love adding drone video to our teasers and highlight reels! If you’re interested in having drone coverage at your wedding or event, contact us and we can help you get the best coverage for your day!


Obviously, boat races look great from the sky! But even if your wedding doesn’t involve a regatta and cliff side ceremony, a drone can show off your beautiful venue!