The Best Ways to Store and Share Your Wedding Video


A wedding video is often one of the most treasured possessions in a relationship. It's shared with loved ones and cherished forever. Parents enjoy their wedding photos and videos with children and grandchildren. With this in mind, it is important to understand the difference in video formats, so you can confidently keep the document of your day safe for generations.

Videos can be viewed and stored in many ways, but these formats can generally be divided into two categories: physical and digital media. 


In the world of video, physical media essentially referers to any format that you can hold in your hand, like a VHS, DVD, or Blu Ray. There are several advantages to this type of format, especially with DVD and Blu Ray. Both allow you to safely store video files on a read-only disc, one that cannot be accidentally "taped over," which can be kept safely on your bookshelf for decades when cared for properly. DVD and Blu Ray have both become industry standard formats with a near infinite amount of devices supporting them. 

As many would guess, DVD is the most prevalent form of physical media for videos and movies. The drawbacks with DVD come in the form of picture quality. DVD's display video at a resolution of 720x480 pixels, while a Blu Ray is capable of displaying a "Full HD" image of 1920x1080 pixels. The graphic below clearly illustrates the difference in resolution:

So, how does that difference in pixels translate to picture quality? Click to enlarge this screenshot from two different formats of The Sound of Music to see for yourself:

Left: DVD   Right: Blu Ray

Click to enlarge. source: user xylon

Blu ray's significant superiority in picture quality is held back a bit by the slow adoption of Blu Ray players in American households. Despite declining in price over the years less than two thirds own a Blu Ray player, thus many have no way to play these discs at home.


Digital media has exploded over the past decade thanks to services like iTunes, Youtube, and Netflix. People are increasingly opting to download or stream music and video due to the incredible convenience that it offers. No form of physical media can come close to the portability and sharability of streaming video. However, as with physical media, digital has its own set of drawbacks. 

  1. Storage: Streaming video depends on the storage and backup abilities of the host to keep the files secure and uncorrupted. Your ability to stream the video is also dependent on access to this remote or "cloud" storage, as a slow or interrupted connection can mean loss of quality or inability to stream altogether.  Downloaded or saved video files, like mp4's, require you to maintain healthy hard drives and backups to ensure their safety.
  2. Quality: Mainly applicable to streaming media which, even at high definition, can never compete with the same video played locally from an HD video file or Blu Ray player.


At Merryweather Films, we strive to make beautiful keepsakes that you can enjoy throughout your entire life. We also believe that you should be able to conveniently share these incredible moments with friends and family. With this in mind, we offer an all-of-the-above approach for your video.


We create a personalized video page, so you can conveniently share all of your videos at once with friends and family. The link to your page is your names in a short, memorable, custom URL. The page features a video gallery containing your Highlight Reel, Teaser, Ceremony, First Dance, and Toasts. Friends and family can easily stream the videos and comment on the page, and our privacy options allow you to password protect individual videos or the entire page.

Your loved ones can comment on your page to share their congratulations, and you can subscribe to the feed to see everything that their posting right in your inbox.



Our packages include a business card sized USB flash drive containing the all of your video files, so you can take your beautiful Full HD files anywhere. Those high resolution files on the flash drive can be copied onto additional hard drives for even more secure long term storage.

We also offer optional sets of three DVD's or three Blu Ray discs with customized menus featuring clips of your wedding. 


At Merryweather Films, we craft your videos with great care, and it is our hope that you can enjoy this moment in your life at the highest possible quality and for the longest possible time.